SikaMelt®-885 IA

(formerly SikaMelt®-9185 IA)

Reactive polyolefin hot melt for assembly applications

SikaMelt®-885 IA is a reactive hot melt adhesive based on polyolefin technology that cures on exposure to atmospheric humidity. Due to its chemical composition SikaMelt®-885 IA has a good and durable adhesion to polypropylene materials, but it can be also considered for certain polar substrates. SikaMelt®-885 IA has a short open time and fast strength buid-up after joining and is therefore mainly suitable for assembly applications. Because of its crossling with humidity SikaMelt®-885 IA withstands higher temperature loads compared to non-reactive polyolefin hot melts.  

  • Good adhesion on polypropylene and some polar substrates
  • High green strength
  • Very good water and heat resistance after moisture curing