SikaCor® SW-1000 RepaCor

Repair coating / putty with 100 % volume solids Mechanically- and UV-resistant protective coating in easy-to-use-cartridge

SikaCor® SW-1000 RepaCor is an abrasion resistant, innovative 2-pack coating / putty for maintenance or repair of (mechanically) damaged coating areas.

• Solvent-free, 100 % solids, CMR-free • Easy-to-use packaging for difficult repair jobs • Single layer coating • Early water resistance and under water cure • Surface tolerant - can be used on many substrates as manual derusting, stainless steel, galvanization or aluminium, even on foreign coatings (except siloxane based coatings) • Corrosion protection at 500 μm, similar to original shop coating • Diffusion resistant • Plate like glass flakes increase coating strength • Impact and abrasion resistant • Color stable • If required overcotable with 2-pack-PUR topcoats