High quality polyurethane elastomeric casting resins

Elastomeric Casting Resins for Foundry Pattern Making and Mold Making

Sika's range of elastomeric polyurethane casting resins includes high-quality synthetic resin systems with a variety of shore hardness levels (shore A 40 to D 66).

They are perfectly suitable for a manifold applications, amongst others for the manufacture of concrete and ceramic molds, in foundry pattern making as well as for general mold making.

Elastomeric Resin
The production of core boxes with more than
100 kg
in one casting is possible with SikaBiresin®
Sika's high-quality synthetic resin systems are available in a
of shore hardness levels (Shore A 40 - D 66)

Best recommended Products

General Mold Making

High quality PUR elastomeric casting resins that can be used in manifold application areas.

Foundry Pattern Making

Tough elastic systems for high abrasion resistant liners for core boxes and match plates with long working life.

Ceramic Industry

Elastomeric casting resins with good tensile strength and elasticity.

Concrete and Building Industry

Casting resins for the production of molds for concrete casting by hand or with 2K machine.