This white paper guides you to alternatives based on the unique PowerCure packaging and dispensing system.

Be a Winner With Sika PowerCure Fast-Cure Adhesives

PowerCure is Sika’s award-winning dispensing and adhesive technology for fast-cure booster adhesives. Sika PowerCure adhesives are the better choice to speed assembly processes than standard 2C adhesives or sealants. 

Ready Faster
Charge the Dispenser in only 10 seconds
More Output
Up to 2x faster application with dynamic mixing
Less Waste
Reduce Packaging waste by up to 60%

Sika’s PowerCure Now Gets Even Better

The second generation of PowerCure Dispenser gets even better with new features

  • Improved handling for low viscous materials – less after flow and enhances control through the trigger
  • Up to 50% more battery life – PowerCure ships with latest High Output Red Lithium M18 Batteries from Milwaukee 
  • More Products and more Applications – With Sikaflex®-554 PowerCure and Sikasil® WT-66 PowerCure for industrial assembly and window installation


Ready Faster with Sika PowerCure

Set up the Sika PowerCure dispenser in only 10 seconds

PowerCure was built by adhesive users for adhesive users. By starting from scratch, we were able to reduce handling steps. Packaging self-opening and quick cartridge release are some of the features making use of adhesives faster and simpler

"We designed PowerCure for a perfect user experience, Making you ready to apply in just 10 seconds!"

More Output with Sika PowerCure

Apply adhesives up to 2x faster with Sika PowerCure

Sika’s PowerCure Dispenser and Mixing System enables users to have constant and high material flow with high viscous materials and cold temperatures. PowerCure beats standard solutions easily. 

"We built with a dynamic mixer, resulting in constant and high adhesive flow – making your application up to 2 x faster"

Less Packaging Waste with Sika PowerCure

"PowerCure was built around the environmentally-friendly unipack – reducing packaging waste by up to 60%"

Fast-cure adhesives are typically packed in plastic 2C cartridges, which result in a high waste volume. Sausage packaging has become the standard packaging for Industrial users of 1C adhesives for decades; with PowerCure this environmentally friendly packaging is now also available for fast cure adhesives.

Less packaging waste with Sika PowerCure adhesives


Both systems were fully charged and operated at maximum speed. For waste, cartridges were extruded completely, weight is without mixer 2C: PC Cox ElectraFlow Dual Ultra, Sikaflex®-953 490ml 10:1 system, Sulzer Mixpac F System Cartridge, Mixer: Statomix® MS 13-18-G: Extrusion 198 g/min,  Waste 158g  PowerCure: Sika PowerCure Dispenser, Sikaflex®-554 PowerCure 50:1, Sika PowerCure Packaging and Dynamic Mixer: Extrusion 420g/min, Waste: 63g

Sika PowerCure Solutions for Vehicle Manufacturing and Transportation

Sika’s adhesive solutions for the transportation industry are available as 1C,  bulk booster solutions, and the PowerCure system. These products reach the same final performance, regardless of cured by air moisture or SikaBooster®.

In use, the combination of such products is beneficial. For example, Sikaflex® Booster, out of bulk, is most economical for large volume applications. Sikaflex® PowerCure, however, is ideal for line applications where less consumption is required. Pump equipment is often not financially justified.

  • Flexible, to evolve with your process
  • Save material costs by using Booster only where beneficial 
  • Robust processing will reach the same result with or without Booster      
  • Flexible, to evolve with your process

Sika PowerCure Adhesives for Vehicle Panel Bonding, Glass Bonding and Assembly

Application of Sika PowerCure adhesives in vehicle manufacturing

Sika PowerCure Solutions for Auto Glass and Vehicle Aftermarket

Application of glue on car windshield

Sika PowerCure adhesives deliver unmatched performance for windshield replacement application that requires a fast turnaround time. Other than standard 1C urethanes, PowerCure adhesives cure fast and return vehicles to initial stiffness in minutes instead of days. This performance helps to reduce stiffness-related quality issues such as squeaking noise, unstable sensor calibration, or loose trims. 

Sika PowerCure Adhesives for Vehicle Glass Replacement

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Sika PowerCure Solutions for Structural Glass Bonding in Residential Windows With High Burglary Resistance

Sika PowerCure adhesives made for structural glass bonding application are ideal for on-site application of burglar-proof windows. Boosted silicones combine the benefits of both one- and two-component adhesives: Climate-independent and  quick-curing along with the utmost ease in manual application. There is almost no limit to how the products can be used, including working in harsh outdoor  conditions typical for window repair.

Sika PowerCure Strutural Silicones for Window Installation

Man assembling a window with PowerCure dispenser

The PowerCure Dispensing System – Award-Winning Performance and Usability

Sika’s PowerCure Dispensing and Packaging solution was built from scratch, always having applicator challenges in mind.  PowerCure provides access to Sikaflex® Booster technology at a significantly lower investment. It enables more industrial manufacturers to benefit from fast curing technology without the complexity of standard 2C adhesives. The cordless PowerCure dispenser is the most convenient way to apply Sikaflex® Booster.

Red Dot and IF Design Awards for Sika PowerCure
Red Dot and IF Design Awards for Sika PowerCure
Sikaflex Booster
PowerCure Adhesive Dispenser
  • Designed for ergonomic and intuitive handling 
  • Precise as industrial pump dosing and dispensing equipment
  • Flexible and mobile use


User Experience first: Intuitive design, built from scratch for fast and straighforward handling of adhesives.

Powered by the latest Milwaukee M18 Red Lithium High Output batteries.

Powered by M18 RedLithium
Empty PowerCure packaging with very little packaging waste
  • Up to 60% less waste than standard 2C cartridges
  • Automatic opening by the PowerCure Dispenser
  • Built on the proven unipack packaging


Environmentally-friendly: Collapsible sausage, based on the proven and popular unipack, well known from 1C adhesives and sealants

dynamic mixer for the PowerCure application system
  • High throughput (up to 6ml/s)
  • Smaller waste volume than static mixers
  • Available as a screw-on adapter for custom nozzle design


Dynamic and Efficient: Maximum mixing performance within the smallest  volume. It is resulting in up to 6 ml/s output and high yield.