Sealants and adhesives, protection coatings and sound dampening solutions for vehicle manufacturers from bus and coach producers to specialty vehicle builders.

Higher Production Output with Sika's Efficient Solutions for Vehicle Assembly and Windshield Installation

Sika's innovative, fast cure structural adhesive bonding solutions and technical support help vehicle manufacturers worldwide to increase output and lower cost of production. Sika's global network of experts supports you in integrating adhesive bonding instead of mechanical fastening techniques as well as optimizing your production. 

Our local labs verify the system performance on your individual project, provide you with material data for the engineering of new designs and vehicles. Sika has been supporting our transportation customers with efficient and innovative structural adhesive, sealant, and coating technologies for more than 40 years. 

Rely on Sika – starting from the conception phase to production, anywhere in the world.

Person bonding a glass rear window of a bus with a manual gun
truck cabins produced with Sika solutions
of global rail fleet made stronger and safer with Sika solutions

Sika Added Value – Your Partner from Design to Manufacturing

Sika is dedicated to providing and maintaining the highest quality standards with its products and services. All Sika solutions are designed with the customers’ success in mind and to establish long lasting and mutually-beneficial relationships.

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Sika Added Value

Leverage Automotive Competence

Automotive roof top bonding application with pump applied adhesive

For more than 25 years, Sika has been a reliable technology partner for the automotive industry globally. Sika has integrated automotive-style processes in development, production, and quality for many years. Our competence in automotive goes beyond the development of new technologies.

We are also providing strong technical support in vehicle engineering, product  qualification, as well as the integration of Sika solutions to production plants from manual to highly automated processing. Rely on our global network of experts.

Sika Solutions for Applications in Vehicle Manufacturing

Proven Solutions for Vehicle Manufacturing and the Transportation Industry

The automotive industry is the benchmark for highly efficient production processes:
Modular assembly is allowing endless variations for the final customer, or the just in time assembly are two well-known examples. These methods are also widely adopted in the truck and off-highway machinery industry. Modular assembly in rail, bus and caravan is often limited to interior components, but also offers further possibilities for process optimization or cost and weight savings if considered in the body structure – Sika has the solutions.

Better Made with Adhesive

In our monthly video podcast, ‘Better made with Adhesives’, our Sika experts take you into the world of vehicle manufacturing with adhesives. Hear from industry insiders, witness expert analyses, and get an exclusive look into the latest advancements and innovations in adhesive engineering that are changing the way vehicles are being designed and manufactured. Each month, we will be dropping a new episode, featuring interviews with industry experts who will share their insights and experiences in their fields. Each episode is designed to keep you updated with the latest developments spanning a wide range of topics from electric vehicles to industry regulations, advanced manufacturing techniques, and much more. Whether you are an engineer looking to stay ahead of the curve, or a vehicle manufacturer looking for ways to improve your production processes, ‘Better Made with Adhesives’ is for you!

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