Sikaflex® all-purpose adhesive sealants for vehicle manufacturing

Sikaflex® Adhesives for Vehicle Manufacturers

Sikaflex® is the leading adhesive sealant brand in many markets. Sika’s wide range of adhesive sealants for vehicle manufacturing consists of various technologies matching individual requirements.

Our railway and bus customers rely on weathering-resistant and chemical resistant Sikaflex® polyurethane sealants for exterior joints and backfill applications. The latest silane terminated polymers (STP) adhesive sealants from Sika is not only isocyanate-free but also contain no phthalates.

  • Excellent application performance
  • Primerless adhesion to a wide range of materials
  • Durable
  • All in One performance for sealing and bonding

Sikaflex® all-in-one sealants have been the choice of the transportation industry globally for interior and exterior sealing, bonding and waterproofing applications for more than 40 years.  

With the local technical service, Sika's global expertise provides commercial vehicle manufacturers optimal solutions for individual assembly challenges.

Sika is Your Partner for Sealing and Bonding in Vehicle Manufacturing

Sikaflex® is a global standard for sealing and bonding in industrial manufacturing and the transportation industry. Sika’s development and testing capability provide you with customized sealing and bonding solution matching your performance and process requirements the best. Our test centers all over the world ensure the sealant product performs under local conditions.

Rely on Sika – starting from the conception phase until production, anywhere in the world.  

Elastic Bonding with Sikaflex® Adhesives

Elastic bonding and sealing as joining techniques are widely used to replace conventional fastening methods such as screws or welding. Sikaflex®, the world’s leading brand for elastic bonding and sealing makes the difference with more efficient production processes and a higher quality and performance for products.

Joining parts with Sikaflex® elastic adhesive sealants results in an even stress distribution durability. Sikaflex® bonds to a wide variety of materials and reduces corrosion by keeping corrosion protection layers intact. This substantially increases the life of the vehicle. With Sikaflex® a large range of materials can be invisibly bonded without any screw or rivet heads showing, making for more attractive surfaces and higher-quality end products. 

Sikaflex®-200 Series Polyurethane Sealants

Sikaflex®-200 Series polyurethane sealants and multi-purpose adhesives stand out by their excellent application performance and their versatility. Sikaflex®-221 has been the best-known adhesive sealant from Sika and references for the product category in many markets.

Sika polyurethane sealants like Sikaflex®-221 stand out by:

  • They perform: their polyurethane chemistry makes them stronger and longer lasting than typical SMPs.
  • They are simple to process: they offer best in class application properties and ease of use with adhesion to many surfaces.
  • They are versatile: They are suitable for all kinds of sealing and bonding applications. 

When high UV resistivity and color stability is required, check out the Exterior Sealant Category

When higher bonding strength is required, check out the Body Panel Assembly Adhesive Category

Sikaflex®-500 Series Silane-Terminated Polymer (STP) Adhesive Sealants

Sikaflex®-500 Series products have a proven track record in all kinds of adhesive bonding and sealing applications in industrial manufacturing. The Sikaflex® 500 Series is based on Sika’s own Silane Terminated Polymer (STP) Adhesive Technology, which combines the high strength and durability of Polyurethanes with sustainability and easy processing.

Sikaflex® 500 all-in-one adhesive sealants share common characteristics:

  • They perform: their unique structure makes them stronger and longer lasting than typical SMPs
  • They are simple to process: since they bond well to a large variety of materials without primer. 
  • They are safe to use: not only by professionals but also by DIY enthusiasts, as they are free of isocyanates and other hazardous substances.

When higher bonding strength is required, check out the Body Panel Assembly Adhesive Category

Specialty Polyurethane Sealants and Multi-Purpose Adhesives

Sika offers a wide range of specialty polyurethane sealants for paint shop or gap-filling and glass bonding in vehicle manufacturing. There is also a range of adhesive sealants that comply with fire standards in bus and rail.