Manufacturers of commercial vehicles use low VOC adhesives and sealants and water-based surface pre-treatments to reduce chemicals in production. Improving worker safety and indoor air quality for vehicle passengers are the drivers for this trend. Sika’s solvent-free and no smell adhesives and sealants and water-based pre-treatment systems help minimize environmental impact and exposure to chemicals for both the workforce and passengers.

These water-based and low VOC solutions save costs as they require fewer workforce protection measures such as ventilation.  

"Sika's no-smell and water-based adhesive, sealant and coating solutions support manufacturers of buses, trains, trucks and off-highway machinery in increasing worker safety and reducing their environmental footprint."

Sika’s global expertise, combined with the local technical service, provides manufacturers of commercial vehicles with optimal solutions for individual challenges. 

Sika Technologies for More Sustainable Vehicle Production 

Sika has a unique portfolio of low VOC and no smell adhesive and sealant technologies. These were developed by taking our customer's unique challenges in mind. Our innovative solvent-free adhesive and coating solutions have proven their value in countless cases globally. 

Sika’s water-based Adhesive Primers

Robust bonding often requires the use of adhesion-promoters such as primers. With water-based Sika® Aktivator and Sika® Primer, Sika offers unique, water- based surface preps for many bonding substrates.  Using water- based Sika®Aktivator or Sika® Primer, together with Sikaflex® glass or panel adhesives, helps to reduce VOC emissions and comes with reduced workforce protection measures.  

Sikagard® Undercoatings

Water-based Sikagard® functional coatings save costs by reduced requirements for workforce protection systems such as ventilation. They combine sound dampening and impact protection. Sikagard® forms a thick layer with one single application step without overspray or dripping.  

Sikaflex®-500 Series – Silane Terminated and isocyanate-free Adhesive and Sealants

Latest Sikaflex®-500 adhesives and sealants are not only isocyanate-free but also free of organo-tin and phthalates. Sikaflex®-500 flexible adhesives combine high bonding strength with excellent weathering performance while bonding to a broad range of surfaces without a primer.   

Sika is Your Strategic Partner for More Sustainable Adhesive Bonding

Sika’s global team provides expertise to improve the sustainability of commercial vehicle manufacturing. In our work, we aim for the minimal use of solvent-based surface pre-treatments and critical chemicals.  We help you reduce the environmental footprint of your vehicle production and increase work safety.