State of the art fastening technology for vehicle manufacturers from small volume to large series production.

Efficient Assembly with Structural Bonding and Sealing Solutions

Users and owners of modern trailers, emergency vehicles, and other specialty vehicles are looking for economical and durable vehicles with a high-quality finish and excellent thermal insulation. Manufacturers are continually striving to meet and exceed these targets and, at the same time, achieve faster build times, high rigidity, and strength with optimum payload and longevity. 

Sika's sealant and structural adhesive assembly solutions are ideally suited to the challenging environment of Specialty Vehicle manufacturing.  Our state of the art technologies assist manufacturers in vehicle design, simplifying and speeding up manufacturing processes while increasing durability.

Our expertise in all kinds of sealing, structural bonding applications, and sandwich panel production make Sika a global leader and a trusted partner. 

Adhesive application on SikaStructure to form High Strength Bonding (SikaReinforcer® HSB)

Sika is Your Partner from Design to Production of Specialty Vehicles

Your success is our concern! We constantly ensure the highest quality standards with our products and services to establish long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships.

Sika's Specialty Vehicles solutions are designed to help you to produce a better vehicle, run a more efficient assembly and production line, minimize emissions, and support the reduction of overall vehicle manufacturing cost. 

All Roads lead to Sika

Better Process Control with Smart Track and Trace Features

Many Sika products are equipped with a built-in track and trace function. A Datamatrix code on each unit facilitates scanning the product label for entry of all relevant batch data in the digital process control sheets.

Inprocess Control with Smart Detection

Pretreatment Detection

Sika LUM Surface Preps incorporate luminescent dyes for easy detection with UV light. Treated surfaces will temporarily luminesce when exposed to UV light. Thus, these solutions provide a visible detection method for verifying primer application and aligning the process control and safety requirements under DIN 6301 and DIN 2304.

Wall Assembly Solutions

When joining large-sized components for vehicles, adhesive application and assembly processes require a longer working time. In contrast, curing speed is essential to move the assembly to the next steps. Selected Sikaflex® assembly adhesives can be used in combination with Sika® Booster to combine extended workability with fast curing. 

Sika enables a fast and efficient assembly of vehicle sandwich panels. For this purpose, Sika offers a specialized product portfolio including SikaForce® 2-component polyurethane adhesives that can withstand high loads, have good gap-filling properties and are solvent-free. 

Sandwich Panel Lamination

SikaForce® adhesives are available as 1-component, 2-component or even 3-component adhesive systems and offer to increase your production efficiency, reduce production costs, and improve the durability of your sandwich panels. They adapt well to existing equipment. 

Box to Chassis Assembly Solutions

Adhesive bonding enables better stress distribution and also bonds to the painted surface, avoiding corrosion by drilling holes from the very beginning. Depending on the case, different solutions may be best suited for your project.

Glass Bonding

Windshields often structurally strengthen the vehicle body. The use of high-strength urethane adhesives is therefore required. Sikaflex®  glass adhesives combine high-strength with optimal processing. Sika offers a wide range of adhesives for manual and automated glass installation.

Interior and Exterior Sealing

Windshields often structurally strengthen the vehicle body. The use of high-strength urethane adhesives is therefore required. Sikaflex® glass adhesives combine high-strength with optimal processing. Sika offers a wide range of  adhesives for manual and automated glass installation.

Assembly of Add On Parts

Installing a cooling unit or solar panels to your vehicle without drilling holes is easy with Sikaflex® -500 series adhesives and sealants. Adhesives with high initial grab or fast strength development will help you find a solution according to your needs. 

Floor Bonding

Fully bonded floors help reducing corrosion issues on the chassis structure. Compared with using screws, a floor bonded with Sikaflex®  adhesives avoids damaging the corrosion protection coating of the chassis and leads to increased durability.

Bracket Assembly

SikaFast® acrylic adhesives are ideal for replacing mechanical fixtures such as rivets, screws, or welded joints. SikaFast® acrylic adhesives combine high shear strength and fast strength development with minimal surface preparation for a wide range of bonding surfaces.