Going Beyond the Supply of Materials and Products, from Design to Process Optimization and Validation

Sika develops bonding, sealing, damping, reinforcing and protecting solutions in close cooperation with our customers. Sika supports implentation of new technical solutions including specification and certification processes together with Research and Development, Technical Department and Marketing. With this cross-teaming centrally organized, but regionally adapted approach a smooth evolution of our product range can be ensured, by enlarging the technology leadership through identification of trends and implementation.

Precision and High Quality are Key Values for Sika Test Centers

Application oriented adhesives and sealants, as well as innovative production methods are currently in high demand, which calls for design and application support. Sika technicians verify the proper adhesion of process material on customer substrates. Sika Test Centers all over the world focus on precision and high quality since these are prerequisites to achieve representative and reliable test results.

Our teams help from the idea through the design stage and until the completion of a project.


Market driven development of solutions in sealing, bonding, protecting, reinforcing and damping

Global network of technology centers ensures close proximity to customers

Research & Development


Enhanced testing to ensure product fitness and product know-how

Organization of project specific material and durability test performed by qualified laboratories around the world

Technician testing material samples in a technical laboratory

Design and Planning

Supplying technical documentation to support design simulation and manufacturing processes

Providing specific product data and related certification for further engineering evaluations

Design and Planning of the adhesive application process

Process Support

Helping determine the best fit for production setups by building up similar production processes in-house

Supporting customers independently with the evaluation and setup of equipment such as pumps and dosing units, all the way up to fully-automated cells

Design and Planning of the adhesive application process

Implementation of Product and Process Solutions

Supporting customers during the implementation of the specific solutions for products and processes

Providing tailored customer application and product trainings

Design and Planning of the adhesive application process

Sika Service Centers are located around the world, and are dedicated to providing best practice selection, validation and application of Sika process materials. By being located close to our customers, Sika Technical Department provides optimum local language communication and understanding throughout the technical application development.

Acoustic Testing to Reduce Noise and Vibrations

Vehicles and appliances can be evaluated for noise and vibration using a full suite of hemi-anechoic and reverberation rooms.

Acoustic Test Centers in Europe and US have a wide range of material testing capabilities, such as:

Sound absorption
Vibration damping
Sound transmission loss


Extensive tests for customer applications form the base for durable and safe solutions. Technical advice, engineering competence and application know how round up the customer service.

Sika acoustic test center in worms performing tests on a car

Sika Advice on Ideal Equipment Selection to Achieve Best Performance

Sika not only offers the best product fit for customer purposes, we also make sure the equipment is appropriate for customer needs and achieves best results at the production line. This helps customers introduce process materials much faster and in a secure manner.

Together with our long-term partnership with manufacturers in dispense and handling technologies, we’re heading for process equipment innovations to offer the best possible solution. No matter if it concerns manual or automated application support, thanks to our worldwide specialist’s network, we are able to provide fast and reliable customer service.

Technical Enggineer testinga pump equipment in a Sika test center