SikaBiresin® G32

(formerly Biresin® G32)

  • Epoxy casting resin for backfilling applications
  • Casting thickness up to 100 mm depending on hardener

  • Good flowability and good mechanical properties
  • Long potlife
  • High casting thickness, unfilled up to 40 mm, dependent on thermal conductivity of the mold material
  • Applicable with high admixture of filler, e.g. with aluminum grid up to 100:100 parts per weight on component A
  • With component B SikaBiresin® G02 for casting thickness of more than 100 mm, filled with aluminum grid
  • With component B SikaBiresin® G04 for low viscosity and better flowability properties
  • With component B SikaBiresin® GC11 for shorter potlife and good spreading properties