Sikaflex®-953 AF

Fast-curing, fungus resistant 2-component STP assembly adhesive and sealant

Sikaflex®-953 AF is a 2-component Silane Terminated Polymer (STP) assembly adhesive which cures by chemical reaction of the two components. It largely prevents fungal and bacterial growth and meets hygiene requirements for ventilation and air-conditioning. Owing to its good weathering resistance and gap-filling performance it can also be used for exterior sealing joints. It is also very suitable where pumping over a long distance is required.  

  • Resistant to fungal and bacterial growth according DIN EN ISO 846: 1997-10
  • Meets hygiene requirements for ventilation and air-conditioning systems and units according VDI 6022 Blatt 1:2011-07
  • Great weathering and ageing resistance
  • Adheres well to most common substrates with a minimal pre-treatment
  • Solvent- and isocyanate-free
  • Good gap-filling capabilities
  • Pumpable over long distances