Quick and easy handling with minimalist equipment.

Make and Play like a Pro

An invented half-century ago, fastcasts are 2-components liquid PU rigid resins that were first used in industrial applications to quickly produce negative molds and master models.

Since 30 years the attractive features of easy manual handling with minimalist equipment led to the creation of a specific range of systems for toys or art/deco applications.

DIY consumers, whether hobbyists or collectors of antique figurines, enjoy playing seriously with various systems available. Demanding professionals are served with dedicated SikaBiresin® F series formulations to satisfy them all whether they are premium toy brands in their R&D process, or modeling artists for replicas in museums, or cardboard games figurines manufacturers.

Fastcast resins for art and deco

Discover SikaBiresin® F230 - the "chemical plaster"

statuette chemical plaster

Often dubbed by artists as being “chemical plaster” the SikaBiresin® F230 provides cured white aspect but with many additional benefits over plaster: 

Ready-to-use prefilled system for thick castings

Quick setting and demolding approx. 30min

Mat finish or polishable for a glossy surface

Durable as non-moisture sensitive

Very popular usage in ceramics and in museums of ancient arts to make replicas for visitors to buy.

SikaBiresin® F31, F320 & F38

Considered by many very similar to thermoplastics, these systems can be simply processed by manual casting in silicone mold:

Easy processing: 1/1 mix ratio with very low viscosity enabling easy degassing

Fast curing enabling demolding usually in less than 20-30min

Impact resistant and thin sections not brittle

Easy to be painted

They reproduce extremely tiny details of any contour and surface texture from the original master model. SikaBiresin® is the ideal choice of professionals and hobbyists to produce low to medium size series of toy figurines without the necessity of injection molding.

statuette chemical plaster