SikaBlock® design boards combine lightweight and easy transformation.

Shaping your Creativity

Initially developed for 3D design models in the industry and especially in automotive, the low-density PU foam boards SikaBlock® have features making them suitable for various decorative applications.

They are professional’s favorite blocks to shape statues, theme park decoration and characters, signage or advertising panels, etc …

They combine lightweight and easy transformation as they can be manually carved by artists or milled with CAD/CAM equipment to a final shape with a smooth surface easy to paint.

They ultimately feature dimensional stability and durability in the outdoor environment after painting.

statue made with sika design board

Low density SikaBlock® for artistic applications

decorative creations with design boards

In amusement theme parks you can enjoy also seeing in full-size reproduction your favorite superhero, or cartoon character, or wonderful building decorations shaped out of SikaBlock®.

After CNC milling or manual carving, you can paint them directly just for a colorful look or add fire-resistant coatings when required.

They will provide long-lasting decorative creations both indoor and outdoor.

SikaBlock® best-in-class large blocks to shape:

Convenient density range from 0.08 to 0.35

Easy and fast shaping from large blocks

Sharp surface profile and details

Smooth non-powdery surface enabling easy paint finish

Entrance sign