SikaBiresin® EP resins combine high transparency with high UV resistance.

Built upon the Translux lineage, the SikaBiresin® TD family of epoxy resins embody a legacy of years of excellence and innovation, making it the ideal choice for DIY - ers and crafters

Sika's clear epoxy systems are known for their exceptional transparency, setting them apart from other epoxy resins in the market. These versatile systems can be used for a wide range of applications, including thin coatings and high-volume casting, such as river tables. Our epoxy systems consistently deliver a crystal-clear finish, so that DIY'ers can bring their creative vision to life.

Rivertable made with SikaBiresin Translux

Transparent Epoxy Casting Resins - Designed for Crystal-Clear Performance

Creativity knows no bounds with the Sika new clear epoxy resin – the ultimate solution for DIY enthusiasts. Our easy-to-use system requires no degassing, has low odor, and features a simple mix ratio. Plus, our innovative approach to resin formulation allows for one-base resin and multiple hardeners, making it easy to market and perfect for a wide range of applications

At Sika, sustainability is a priority, and therefore our resin is sourced from safe suppliers who meet EHS compliances, ensuring that projects are not only beautiful but also eco-friendly. You can be assured of:

  • High transparency & clarity
  • Excellent UV resistance   
  • Easy mix ratio 2:1
  • Self-degassing to bubble-free  
  • Low odor   
  • Compatible with all color pigments (organic & inorganic)
  • Sticks to most surfaces (wood, stone, ceramics, most metals) 


Designed for both the seasoned crafter and beginner hobbyists, the SikaBiresin® TD family of products guarantees professional-grade results at home.

With a rich heritage spanning over 20 years, the SikaBiresin® TD product family is built upon the established reputation of the renowned Translux brand. Our commitment to excellence and innovation is deeply rooted in the legacy established by Translux, ensuring that our customers can trust in the proven track record of quality and performance.