SikaTack® ELITE

Designed for PowerCure – High Speed performance in almost every climate

SikaTack® ELITE provides 30 minutes Safe Drive Away Time and cures to OEM Level within just 60 minutes. SikaTack® ELITE is made for Sika’s PowerCure System and is applied using the PowerCure Dispenser.  It can be used all year round and is ideal for mobile or in-house applications. It has been tested according FMVSS 212 with 95th percentile dummies.  

  • 30 min Safe Drive Away Time
  • Tested according FMVSS 212 using 95th percentile dummies
  • Compatible with all car makes thanks Sika’s all-in-one modulus technology
  • Cures almost independently of climate
  • Cured to OEM Level within 60 minutes
  • Best in-class application properties
  • Automotive OEM quality