Brand family

Sika® Aktivator Sika® Cleaner SikaFast® Sikaflex® Sikagard® SikaPower® Sika® Primer Sika® Remover SikaTack®


Accessories Adhesive Adhesive Sealant Brushable Sealants Composite and Plastic Adhesives Dampening & Protection Exterior Sealants Exterior Sealing Glass and Windshield Adhesives Paint Sealants Pre-treatment Sealants Sealing Sprayable Elastic Sealant Structural Adhesives Weather Sealants


Adhesives for mirror and bracket bonding Auto Glass Replacement Cavity Waxes Hem Flange Seals Lap Joints Mirror Bonding Panel Bonding Plastic Repair Protective Coatings Seam Sealing Stonechip Protection Underbody Coatings