More Performance, More Robustness

Sikaflex® primerless to glass windshield urethanes are build to eliminate steps, increase robustness (reduce mistakes of workmenship) and speed up installation by providing primerless adhesion to glass. These products are based on OEM approved polyurethane technology and are compatible with Sika’s establised All Black and Black Primerless installations processes. Sikaflex® primerless to glass urethanes contain a built-in adhesion promoter and may be used as a primerless to glass adhesive in auto glass replacement applications.

Benefits Sikaflex® Primerless Auto Glass Adhesives

Only 3h minimum drive-away time

Solvent free – no odor (latest generation)

Primerless adhesion to glass

Easy to extrude with manual gun

True polyurethane bonding strength

More Performance, Less Exposure

With its primerless to glass urethanes, Sika is leading the way into the future. There is a rising trend towards healthier lifestyles worldwide, which has put the health and wellness of workers and customers at the forefront.

Exposure to solvent smell after the windshield installation can be an unpleasant experience and, in some cases, can have an effect on health as well. 

The latest generation of Sikaflex® primerless urethanes is solvent-free. Installations done with the Sikaflex® primerless adhesives do not leave an unpleasant odor in the car after replacing the windshield.

Removing the solvent from our primerless adhesives offers a pleasant application and an enjoyable experience for our customers when they pick up the vehicle again.