Sikafloor® Marine Heavy Duty is a robust, mechanical resistant, full colored polyurethane floor system for exterior decks. The floor system offers excellent grip in wet conditions

Robust and Mechanical Resistant Exterior Deck Covering

Mechanical resistant floors based on Sikafloor® Marine-570, broadcasted with high abrasive resistant materials such like Silicium Carbid or Sikadur® quartz sand, which is sealed with a strong topcoat of Sikafloor®-359N.

The Sikafloor® Marine Heavy Duty system is especially designed to be applied on exterior decks where a high level of mechanical resistance is needed including a rough anti-slip surface. Its rough surface allows a great grip and especially in wet conditions creating a safe place to work.

This feature does not prevent it from being easy to clean, as the system comes with the UV stable and mechanical and chemical resistant topcoat Sikafloor®-359N. Because of the different levels of anti-slip which can be achieved, this system is suitable for application on ramps, loading bays, work and landing areas and other external areas where a ultra-strong deck covering is needed. 

Comfort floor applied in a ship interior