High modulus UV-resistant adhesives and sealants are suitable for both organic and mineral glass windows ensuring that thermal expansions, structure dilatation and movements are absorbed and minimized progressively

Glass Bonding for Ship Construction and Repair

Bonding of a panel on a yacht wall in a dockyard

Bonding and Backfilling of Organic Glazing Panels

This is an application that calls for a UV-resistant adhesive with a high degree of elasticity. Sikaflex®-295 UV combines the necessary elasticity with exactly the right consistency to maintain the required bond line thickness, thus ensuring that thermal movements in plastic glazing panels are absorbed progressively, without undue build-up of stresses. The UV-absorbing properties warrant endurance of the system.

Bonding applications
Windshields and lights
Side glasses

Bonding of Safety-, Laminated- and Insulation Glass Windows

Sikaflex®-296 has been formulated for use on all types of mineral glass windows. The high-performance, yet elastic Sikaflex®-296 adhesive is especially designed for bridging tolerances enhancing high modular performance. UV resistance renders the product suitable as a back-filler simultaneously.

Bonding Applications
Windows and panoramic glasses

Application of glue to a glass window of a ship

Frequently Asked Questions

How to bond a window into a boat?

If you plan to bond a window, identify the material of the window you want to install first. Common window materials are organic glass (PMMA, PC etc.) or mineral glass. A specific adhesive must be selected according to the window material.

Use Sikaflex®-295 UV for bonding organic glass into your boat and Sikaflex®-296 as a direct glazing adhesive to bond mineral glass.  In order to obtain satisfactory results, consult the pre-treatment chart and prepare the surface accordingly before bonding the window.

For further details read our application guidelines and our pre-treatment chart.

Posted on: 12/11/2019