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PowerCure Sika® Aktivator SikaFast® Sikaflex® Sikafloor® SikaPower® Sika® Primer Sikasil®


Acoustic Systems Adhesive Sealant Auxiliary Part Bonding Blade Repair and Maintenance Body Panel Adhesives Comfort Damping flooring Decorative Floors Epoxy Smooth Epoxy Utility Exterior Sealing Fast Element Bonding Floating Floors Flooring and Accoustics Glass Adhesives Glass and Windshield Adhesives Glass Bonding Interior Sealing Levelling Metal Adhesives Metal Adhesives and Epoxies Pre-treatment Sandwich Panel Adhesives Sealants Sealing Structural Adhesives Structural Bonding Surface Finishing and Repair Synthetic Teak Teak decking Vertical Damping Weather Resistant Sealing Weather Sealants