Our experience in the construction industry makes us the experts in all kinds of foundations used in wind turbines. Our portfolio covers the complete solution needed for steel or concrete foundations in onshore and offshore turbines.

Building a Solid Base is the Foundation to a Strong Structure

In the manufacturing process of concrete foundations, Sika products are used from the very beginning.

Sika’s solutions cover the full range of technologies used for the concrete production, in the concrete waterproofing and repair and in the grouting before the erection of the tower.

Starting from the correct mix design of the concrete, followed by the waterproofing and repair of the concrete and finishing with the grouting works, before the erection of the tower, Sika will support your project during the complete process and a complete solution supplier.

Steel Tower Grouting

Waterproofing Surfaces

Waterproofing systems for below ground structures are faced with more stringent requirements regarding durability, exposure and stress conditions, construction method and sequence, ease of application, and total cost management. Sika can offer all types of waterproofing solution, from waterproofing mortars to the high durability liquid applied systems.

Grouting to fill Voids

Our SikaGrout®-3000 series wind grout range are high performant, fatigue certified grouts, specially designed to transfer loads generated in the turbine down to the foundation. They are specially formulated to be applied and used in the challenging environments of a wind farm without reducing their quality or durability.

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