The offshore wind farms are subject to stronger and more powerful winds then onshore turbines. To overcome those challenges Sika has created a specific product range which meets the needs to withstand a harsher, marine climate.

Offshore Wind Parks

Wind turbines are situated in exposed locations where nature takes its toll.

Due to higher, more consistent wind speeds at sea, offshore wind turbines can generate substantially more energy  than their onshore counterparts.

To take advantage of the steadier winds, offshore turbines are also bigger than onshore turbines and have an increased generation capacity. Nevertheless, designing offshore wind farms that can resist strong currents, heavy wind, powerful waves and rapid erosion are just some of the challenges faced. Sika has designed a special product ranges to meet these challenges:

Coating systems able to protect and minimize maintenance needed

Grouts capable of transferring the complete loads of the tower to the foundations with an enhanced fatigue resistance

Grouts designed with anti-corrosion properties to cope under these extreme conditions

Offshore single turbine

Grouting to fill Voids

Sika has developed a complete range of offshore wind grouts suitable for these harsh marine environments. These grouts are specially formulated to transfer the loads generated in the wind turbines to the foundations and to protect against corrosion protection.