SikaBiresin® CR83

(formerly Biresin® CR83)

  • Epoxy resin system with extremely low viscosity designed specifically for the infusion process
  • For the production of high performance fibre reinforced composites parts and molds
  • The system has thermal properties up to 80 °C
  • SikaBiresin® CR83 epoxy resin has a low tendency to crystallize

  • 3 hardeners (B) give a wide range of processing times
  • The reactivity can be adapted by mixing the hardeners
  • Fast infusion and good wet-out of fabrics and non-wovens due to low viscosity and good wetting characteristics even at low temperatures
  • All systems DNV GL approved. Certificate No. TAK000019Z
  • Glass transition temperatures up to 80 °C dependent on curing conditions
  • Carbon fibres are wet out well by all of the resin systems
  • SikaBiresin® CR83 resin (A) has a low tendency to crystallize
SikaBiresin® CR83