Sika’s adhesive and coating solutions help increase the longevity of vehicles and parts. Sikagard® undercoatings are preserving the original corrosion protection layer from impacts. Structures bonded with SikaPower® SmartCore adhesives demonstrate superior fatigue performance than ones welded together.

For more than 20 years, cars, all over the world, have been built with SikaPower® adhesives.  

"Sika’s full set of technologies provide innovative and efficient solutions for longest-lasting vehicles that operate anywhere and anytime."

Sika Technologies Making your Vehicles more Durable

Sika has a unique portfolio of technologies. These were developed by taking our customer's unique challenges in mind. Our smart adhesive and coating solutions have proven their value in countless cases, globally.

  • Structural adhesives to eliminate stress peaks in body structures, enabling lighter and more durable vehicles
  • Hot and cold-cure adhesives with ultimate fatigue strength that can withstand more dynamic load than welded structures
  • Additional corrosion protection with heavy-duty Sikagard stone chip protection coatings

Highest Fatigue Performance with a SikaPower® SmartCore Adhesives

In the manufacturing of passenger cars, SikaPower® SmartCore adhesives are widely used. The use of adhesives enables better distribution of stress, and reaching stiffer structures. SikaPower® SmartCore adhesives combine all this with unique fatigue and crash performance. SikaPower® SmartCore adhesives are heat curing 1C or cold-curing 2C epoxy adhesives.

Metal Bonding

Improved Corrosion Protection with Sikagard® Stone Chip Coating

Sikagard® undercoatings provide additional stone chip protection to paint. Sikagard® solutions are applied in a thick layer in a single step method, with no dripping and overspray. Sikagard® undercoatings increase the durability of the original corrosion protection coating.

Floor Bonding with Sikaflex® Adhesives

Fully bonded floors in buses, trailers, or trains help reducing corrosion issues on the chassis structure. Compared with using screws, a floor bonded with Sikaflex adhesives avoids damaging the corrosion protection coating of the chassis and leads to increased durability.

Panel Assembly Bonding

Sika as the Customer’s Strategic Partner for Longer Lasting Vehicles

Sika’s global team provides expertise for improved design to maximize vehicle and component durability. Our service includes sets of calculation data to support CAE engineers in simulating bonded structures. We help you with specific design challenges and provide you with expertise in avoidance of corrosion. Sika Technologies ensure your vehicles last longer and operate anywhere and anytime.