Learn how Sika helps transform groundbreaking designs into fully automated manufacturing solutions.

First it was a next-generation window bonding technology. Thirty million windows later, it’s a state-of-the-art manufacturing solution running at production speeds of more than one window per minute. Learn how Sika has been there all the way, helping innovative window manufacturers improve designs, increase output and move their industry forward.

Sika Industry - Moving Forward

A new Standard is Born

Twenty years ago, Switzerland’s largest window manufacturer, Baumgartner AG, set out to invent a new bonding technique. Their aim? To create a new type of wood-framed window that would be both more attractive and more profitable to produce. Together with Sika and scientists at the University of Applied Sciences in Biel, they invented a new generation of structurally bonded windows that is remarkably lightweight, efficient to produce and vastly expands architects’ design possibilities.

Sika R&D Centre Commercial Building

Innovation at Industrial Scale

Two decades later, more than 30 million structurally bonded wood, PVC and aluminum windows have been manufactured with Sikasil® and SikaFast® adhesives, revolutionizing window design and manufacturing throughout Europe. With the help of advanced technical support and system engineering from Sika, leading manufacturers continue to create new high-performance designs based on highly automated structural bonding systems.

Framing New Opportunities

Thanks to state-of-the-art bonding techniques perfected over thirty years in the vehicle and façade construction industries, Sika adhesives open up new opportunities for the use of glass as a reinforcing element in window construction. Rather than the frame supporting the glass, as in traditional window construction, these bonding systems stiffen the frame with the help of the glass unit. The result is a range of new possibilities including lightweight frame designs, thinner frames and larger glass areas that let in more light while improving properties such as thermal insulation and dynamic load strength. 

Partnership from Start to Finish


Whether the frame material is wood, metal, PVC or new material combinations, Sika works closely with every customer to ensure the right bonding system for each application. This includes extensive support from the early stage of the project, ranging from design of adhesive joints and adhesive selection to applicator training and the optimization of application processes. For Baumgartner, it all started by developing an acrylic based 2-component adhesive that eliminated glazing beads and avoided added aluminum on the sash. Through prototyping and functional system tests, material compatibility, adhesion and functional features were guaranteed. This included ensuring the highest level of moisture resistance as well as an outdoor temperature range of -20 to 80 degrees Celsius, guaranteeing maintained product performance even during extreme transportation conditions. Through the development process, it was possible to reduce cure time to six minutes, with a one-minute open time, enabling Baumgartner to achieve their target production rate of sixty windows per hour.

Iconic Buildings, Proven Performance

Over the years, Sika’s partnership with Baumgartner has resulted in numerous reference buildings that showcase the adhesive’s performance and durability. Buildings like the Leutschentower, and other prominent commercial structures have been equipped with bonded windows, standing as a testament to the innovative solutions and technical expertise offered by Sika.

Today, our Fenestration Competence Center in Switzerland remains unique in the industry for its deep market understanding and its ability to combine R&D with individualized project service and support. Every day, we respond to new demands for increasingly distinct window designs, developing new adhesive products and processing technologies that improve manufacturing and material efficiency, enhance the performance of building envelopes and create entirely new aesthetic features. Whatever your current window systems, we can evaluate their suitability for bonding, and adapt the entire manufacturing system to suit your business strategy. 

icon showing a building for facade

Sika Fenestration partner services include:

  • Construction consultancy: Review of existing systems for suitability for bonding and advice for system amendments
  • Functional testing: Support with prototyping, functional tests, system compatibility, adhesion and functional features•
  • Application technology selection: Active consulting to select application and bonding technologing, systems and equipment engineering, and support for equipment application processes
  • Applicator training: Preparation of operation manuals for bonding/repair glazing for ISO compliance, together with customer service
  • External approvals: Best practice sample preparation 



Sika structural window bonding solutions enable:

  • Up to 20% improvement in thermal insulation
  • Up to 30% more light
  • Dynamic load enhancement, with increase of approved wind load by up to 10%
  • Up to 10% reduction in production costs
  • Up to 90% reduction in service costs
  • Up to 90% lower compliant rate