The Industry's Leading Adhesive and Sealant Technology just got better

The future of adhesives and sealants demands a higher standard. Products that continue to outperform alternative technologies, while contributing to a better working environment for every user. Thanks to Purform®, a new era of polyurethane performance is here today.

More Performance. Less Exposure.

Engineered to remove diisocyanate monomer content, Sikaflex® and SikaTack® Purform® adhesives and sealants deliver all the benefits of industry-leading polyurethanes, with less than 0.1% monomeric diisocyanate for better health protection and occupational safety. Purform® is the foundation for a new generation of pure polyurethane solutions for sealing, bonding, and protection. Solutions that perform better, last longer, and meet tomorrow's health and safety needs.

In particular, Sikaflex® and SikaTack® Purform® adhesives and sealants meet the latest REACH and Occupational Exposure Limits (OEL) requirements and do not require the REACH diisocyanate safety training.

Polyurethane – the Leading Technology for Sealants and Adhesives

Polyurethane is the leading technology for sealants and adhesives for a good reason. For most specifications, polyurethane adhesives and sealants outperform other technologies such as SMPs and silicones. To meet the most demanding sealing and bonding requirements, polyurethanes combine an optimal balance of a range of properties, from mechanical performance and ease of application to resistance to environmental impact.

Windows in cars, buses, and trains are bonded with polyurethane adhesives since only polyurethanes meet the industry’s stringent requirements regarding adhesive strength and bonding durability. In addition to protecting against wind and rain, windshields contribute to a vehicle’s passive safety system. This is why the performance of the windshield adhesive plays a crucial role in protecting passengers.

Icon Strenght

Only polyurethanes can meet high strength and modulus specifications as required in the automotive industry.

Icon Flexibility

Polyurethanes provide higher elongation at low stress and a better recovery rate than SMP solutions. They are indispensable for long-lasting building envelope waterproofing.

Icon Durability

Polyurethanes have excellent resistance to environmental impacts such as humidity, chemicals, and mechanical impacts, and can be formulated to be highly resistant to UV weathering.

Icon Sustainability

Increased durability by preventing leaking joints, altered substrates and debonding from staining and cracking.*

*Applies for specific products

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Work Safety
Sealants and adhesives are hazard label-free.* Workers are less exposed to chemicals, and no safety training is required.

Discover Sikaflex® and SikaTack® Purform® Solutions for Industrial Manufacturing

What is Polyurethane?
windshield application for a train in a factory

Polyurethane is the first choice for demanding, high-performance bonding and sealing applications. Only polyurethane can provide the strength, flexibility, or durability our customers need in construction and industry. The superiority of polyurethane technology originates from its unique underlying microstructure of flexible and rigid phases, which can be adjusted according to requirements.

As a technology leader with full control of production from pre-polymer to final composition, we at Sika are committed to pushing the boundaries of technology. Reducing the chemical exposure of applicators with ultra-low monomer polyurethanes is just the next step in that journey. Together with professional and industrial customers everywhere, we are reformulating the future of high-performance adhesives and sealants.

What is Sikaflex®?
Fitter applying adhesive SikaTack PRO to the car windshield

Sikaflex® is synonymous with high quality and performance within sealants and adhesives for construction, industry, and the automotive sector. With a 50-year legacy, global presence, and countless applications and references, Sikaflex® is the Sika brand for quality products based on polyurethane and modified polyurethane. Sikaflex® stands for high performance, reliability, and durability, consistently delivering on Sika’s core promise: building trust.


Unique Purform® Performance in Thermoplastic Bonding


Thermoplastics are materials commonly used in the manufacturing of equipment and vehicles. When using thermoplastics, manufacturers must apply caution to prevent environmental stress cracking (ESC), one of the most common causes of brittle failure of thermoplastics. Stress within the material, from the use case in service and chemicals, needs to be reduced to the minimum for long-lasting parts.

When using adhesives and sealants for manufacturing or installing thermoplastic components, selecting the most suitable material is crucial for the component's durability.

  • Reduce mechanical stress caused by thermal expansion by using highly elastic adhesives
  • Avoid chemical exposure by using adhesives that require no or limited surface preparation
  • Improve the long-term durability by choosing adhesives with shallow plasticizer content

Sikaflex®-645 – Primerless Adhesive with Superior Compatibility to Thermoplastics

Purform® enables the composition of adhesives and sealants with unique properties to reduce chemical exposure through surface preparation or plasticizers to a minimum.

Sikaflex®-645 is a highly elastic adhesive sealant with primerless adhesion to ABS and PC blends. It is composed using the smallest amount of plasticizer to minimize plasticizer migration into the thermoplastic. Sikaflex®-645 outperforms standard adhesive sealants in ESC performance.

Graph of compatibility benchmark

Performance on Different Plastics Sikaflex®-645

ABS Sample


PVC Sample


Polycarbonat Sample


Purform® Products for Industrial Manufacturing and Vehicle Repair

The use of chemicals in manufacturing necessitates various requirements for the protection of the workforce from adverse effects of solvents or other volatile small molecules. Ventilation, personal protection equipment, and safety training may be mandatory to work with certain materials.
Sika's Purform® adhesives and sealants further reduce the chemical exposure of the workforce. In addition to reducing unnecessary exposure to solvents from adhesives and surface preparation agents, they reduce monomeric diisocyanate to an ultra-low level.

SikaTack® Purform Auto Glass Adhesives

Sika has updated its best-in-class auto glass adhesives and primers with Purform® technology. The Purform® versions deliver the same applicator experience and OEM-approved mechanical and safety performance while reducing the chemical exposure of the installer to a minimum. The Purform® versions are safe to use without requiring technicians to perform REACH diisocyanate health and safety training.