Modern roofing constructions demand high thermal insulation, moisture resistance, integrity, durability, and fire resistance. Our adhesive systems have the versatility to meet a wide range of requirements for all types of roofing panels and membranes.

Adhesive Solutions for Bonding all Types of Roofing Panels and Membranes

Roof structures made of sandwich panels allow for improved thermal insulation, higher strength, durability, improved fire performance, lower weight and cost compared to other roofing solutions. Furthermore, these panel structures can be combined with membranes to add additional functions such as moisture control or waterproofing.

At Sika, we offer a comprehensive range of polyurethane adhesive solutions to help you realize your product and manufacturing goals. To this end, we offer three different adhesive technologies, namely SikaForce®, SikaMelt® and pressure sensitive hot melt adhesives.

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Men at work on a roof top
Achieve A2, s1, d0 Euroclass fire performance classification
Optimize your production process with Sika’s adhesive solutions

Benefits Offered to your Composite Roof Panel Production

Our adhesive systems are designed to enhance your panel performance and at the same time improve your production efficiency. The following benefits can be realized with Sika solutions:

COST SAVINGS – The application weight (g/m²) is optimized, which means that the adhesive solutions can be used in a cost-efficient way. 

HIGH STRENGTH – SikaForce® adhesive solutions provide excellent tensile strength for long-lasting panels. 

FIRE PERFORMANCE – Our adhesive technologies enable you to achieve A2, s1, d0 classification on your panels. 

INCREASED OUTPUT – Our adhesive solutions allow for a more versatile and faster production including adaptable process times for shorter cycle times. 

Benefits offered to your Self-Adhesive Roofing Requirements

When self-adhesive roofing solutions are needed, Sika has a range of pressure sensitive adhesives to address your needs. Benefits offered include:

HIGH STRENGTH – At Sika, we provide adhesives with strong and stable tack for immediate fixation. 

EASY USE – Our adhesive solutions offer low service temperature facilitating outdoor use.

EXCELLENT PERFORMANCE – SikaMelt® pressure sensitive hot melt adhesives allow for excellent sealing performance for construction tape applications. 

"SikaMelt® technology supports our needs. We use SikaMelt® HMPSA technology products to support the handling and sealing performance of our SikaProof® A membranes. We are very satisfied with the product performance and service we receive." Dr. Christoph Faeh, Department Manager Bonded Systems and Injections

Adhesives for Roofing Sandwich Panels

At Sika, we offer a comprehensive range of adhesives for the production of roof sandwich panels including SikaForce® 1-component adhesive technologies, SikaMelt® reactive hot melt and pressure-sensitive hot melt solutions that allow you to enhance your product and manufacturing performance. Additionally, Sika provides a primer solution that helps to prevent delamination and in turn, the formation of blisters on steel roofing panels which occur due to thermal shocks. 

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