Sika’s Glass Balustrades embedding solution is used for total vision glazing and glass balustrades, for embedding into the supporting frame and thus allowing frameless installation of the glass pane.

Safe and Fast Glass Embedding Solutions for Glass Balustrades

When it comes to connecting glass to the frame, Sika has always a suitable and economical solution.

For total vision glazing and glass balustrades, ideally the glass panes should be fixed to the floor with low punctual stress transfer to the glass. Especially as tempered and safety glass are normally used. Common installation methods are mechanical fixing methods (dry glazing) or cement gased grout (wet glazing) with significant risks. Sika offers two component polyurethane solutions which has many advantages over other fixing methods.

  • Stress-free embedding of glass balustrades
  • Suitable for laminated safety glass
  • Fast installation
  • Use of standard U-profiles
  • Minimal planning and preparation work required
  • Approved by notified bodies
High-rise buildings with glass facade
"Inspired by the beauty of Modern Architecture, glass balustrades emanate elegance with their unobstructed and transparent structure. The freedom of design provided by our system incites feelings of openness and of being on top of the world. Our SikaForce® GG grouting system ensures uniform stress distribution. Moreover, its intrinsic flexibility safeguards that glass panels are capable of withstanding the highest static and impact loads. "