Producers of resilient flooring elements such as luxury vinyl tiles or sports flooring find suitable adhesive solutions with SikaMelt® reactive hot melt and pressure sensitive adhesives. They offer high initial strength, excellent ageing performance and low emission values while allowing to increase the output and reducing production cost.

Adhesives for Laminating Resilient and Sports Flooring

Resilient flooring is a popular choice for anyone who is looking for a stylish, durable, and easy to maintain flooring solution. With all these benefits, it is not surprising that they are widely used in homes, offices, and public buildings. In fact, there are many different types of resilient flooring. We focus on vinyl flooring, such as luxury vinyl tiles, and rubber flooring, which is used for sports floors.  

At Sika, we offer a targeted selection of SikaMelt® hot melt adhesives that are particularly suitable for bonding the vinyl or rubber top layer to membranes and underlays. These bonded underlays offer effective impact sound insulation. 

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Yellow laminated sports floor in a fitness gym

Benefits Offered to Your Resilient and Sports Flooring Production

Sika’s adhesive systems are designed to enhance your resilient and sports flooring performance and at the same time improve your production efficiency. The following benefits can be realized with Sika solutions: 

INCREASED OUTPUT – Our adhesive solutions provide high initial strength for a faster production

HIGH DURABILITY – Excellent durability over time can be relied upon due to the cross-linking of the cured adhesive  

LOW EMISSION – Sika provides adhesive solutions with low emission values

COST SAVINGS – The application weight (g/m²) is optimized, which means that the adhesive solutions can be used in a cost-efficient way

SikaMelt® Reactive and Non-Reactive Pressure Sensitive Adhesives for Resilient and Sports Flooring Bonding

SikaMelt® hot melt adhesives are high-performance adhesives that can reliably bond resilient and sports flooring layers together. With their high initial bond strength, exceptional durability and low emission levels, SikaMelt® adhesives are the perfect choice for laminating resilient and sports flooring applications. 

 Key product benefits:

  • High ageing performance for long term durability
  • Low emission levels  
  • High initial strength for effective production processes 


SikaMelt® pressure sensitive adhesives offer a number of advantages that make them particularly suitable for the installation of a variety of resilient flooring types. 

 Key product benefits:

  • Immediate strong fixation
  • Low service temperature for use in colder conditions 
  • Perfectly suited to self-adhesive flooring 
Couple working on a parket lamination

Our Key Products for Resilient and Sports Flooring Bonding

At Sika, we provide a targeted selection of adhesives to produce resilient and sports flooring as well as to functionalize the different flooring types. Our adhesive solutions cover SikaMelt® reactive hot melt and pressure sensitive adhesive technologies that allow you to boost your product and manufacturing performance.  

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