Sika offers a specialized range of adhesive solutions, including SikaMelt® reactive hot melt and pressure-sensitive adhesives, tailored to functionalize floors with underlays.

Adhesives for Functionalizing Floors with Underlays

There is nothing more unpleasant than trying to walk quietly down a corridor or entrance hall and finding that every step you take makes a noise. To prevent this, floors are typically bonded with underlays flooring that have sound absorbing properties. The use of a suitable adhesive is essential in this application as it is critical to the resulting performance.  To address this need, we at Sika offer a targeted selection of SikaMelt® hot melt and pressure sensitive adhesives that are particularly suitable for bonding the top floor layer to the underlay.   

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Wood floor panels

Benefits Offered to Your Flooring Underlay Bonding

Sika’s adhesive systems are designed to efficiently bond flooring top layers to underlays and at the same time guarantee an efficient production. The following benefits can be realized with Sika solutions: 

INCREASED OUTPUT – Sika’s adhesive solutions provide high initial strength for a faster production

HIGH DURABILITY – Excellent durability over time can be relied upon due to the cross-linking of the cured adhesive

LOW EMISSION – Sika provides adhesive solutions with low emission values

COST SAVINGS – The application weight (g/m²) is optimized, which means that the adhesive solutions can be used in a cost-efficient way

Our Key Products for Flooring Underlay Bonding

At Sika, we provide a targeted selection of adhesives to bond underlays to your floors. Our adhesive solutions cover SikaMelt® reactive hot melt and pressure sensitive adhesive technologies that allow you to boost your product and production performance. 

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