Sika offers state-of-the-art adhesive solutions for bonding façade sandwich panels. Whether your requirement is to improve your sandwich panels’ adhesion, thermal and sound insulation, fire performance or production efficiency, we are here to take care of it for you.

Adhesive Solutions for Laminating Steel Building Panels

Sandwich panels are widely used in construction, especially in the manufacture of façade sandwich panels, as they offer better thermal and acoustic insulation properties, high tensile strength and durability, improved fire performance, lighter weight and lower cost compared to other products.

For this reason, we at Sika offer a wide range of adhesive solutions to help you achieve your product goals and meet your most pressing manufacturing needs. Our adhesive solutions comprise of SikaForce® 1- and 2-component polyurethane adhesives as well as SikaMelt® reactive hot melt adhesives.

Get in touch with us and let’s discuss how our team at Sika can help you meet your most urgent product and production needs.

At Sika, we help you make the best product you can – starting from the concept through production.

Building with laminated facade parts
Achieve desired Euroclass fire performance classification up to A2, s1, d0
Excellent tensile strength for sandwich panels produced with SikaForce®
"Over 30 million m2 of building and construction panels are produced every year with Sika adhesives. It is no coincidence that so many customers around the world choose Sika." Sika Expert

Benefits Offered to your Façade Sandwich Panel Production

Sika’s adhesive systems are designed to enhance your panel performance and at the same time improve your production efficiency. Our
solutions can help you realize the following benefits:

COST SAVINGS – The application weight (g/m²) is optimized, which means that the adhesive solutions can be used in a cost-efficient way. 

HIGH STRENGTH – SikaForce® adhesive solutions provides excellent tensile strength for long-lasting panels. 

FIRE PERFORMANCE – We have adhesive technologies that enable you to achieve A2, s1, d0 classification on your panels. 

INCREASED OUTPUT – Our adhesive solutions allow for a more versatile and faster production including adaptable process times for shorter cycle times. 


Person showing laminated sandwich panel element

Avoid Blisters on PIR/PUR Panels with the SikaMelt®-285 Primer

Our SikaMelt®-285 Primer was developed to improve adhesion of PUR/PIR foams to coated or bare metals used in foam injected panels. Thus, avoiding blisters caused by thermal shocks. With nearly zero blisters, significant cost savings are achieved by the improved panel quality which leads to a reduction in claims.   

Since our primer solution is free of solvent and isocyanates, it is classification-free, making it an excellent replacement for conventional primers.  

Additionally, it offers the flexibility to be used in continuous or discontinuous production and it can easily be retro-fitted to existing production lines. 

The combination of excellent technical performance, cost efficiency and simplicity of application makes the SikaMelt®-285 Primer an excellent solution for the production of PUR/PIR foam panels.  


Foamed sandwich panel

Key product benefits:

  • Reduces blisters caused by thermal shockLeads to reduced production costs
  • Clean and easy processing
  • Simple retrofitting onto existing production lines

Adhesives for Steel Building Panels

At Sika, we provide a comprehensive range of adhesives to produce sandwich panels for the building envelope. Our adhesive solutions include SikaForce® 1- and 2-component polyrethane adhesives as well SikaMelt® reactive hot melt adhesives. that enable you to boost your product and manufacturing performance. Additionally, Sika provides a primer solution that helps to prevent delamination which in turn, prevents the formation of blisters on steel façade panels. 

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