Sikasil® SG-550

High-strength, 2-component silicone structural glazing adhesive, CE-marked

Sikasil® SG-550 is a 2-component, neutral-curing structural silicone adhesive with very high mechanical strength. It is mainly used for structural glazing applications and is well suited wherever in structural bonding higher mechanical strength is required. It is complying with EOTA ETAG 002 and provided with the CE-mark.  

  • Meets requirements of EOTA ETAG 002
    (carries ETA), EN 15434, ASTM C1184 and
    ASTM C920 (class 12.5)
  • Outstanding UV and weathering resistance
  • Structural Sealant Glazing Kit: Structural Sealant according ETAG 002 Part 1 Edition November 1999 (Revised March 2012) used as EAD, ETA-11/0392 issued by Technical Assessment Body Österreichisches Institut für Bautechnik, Declaration of Performance 60241468, certified by notified product certification body 0757, certificate of constancy of performance 0757-CPR-596-7110760-5-4, and provided with the CE marking
  • High design tensile strength for dynamic loads: σdes = 0.20 MPa (ETA)
  • SNJF-VEC recognized (product code: 3741)
  • Complies with common VOC requirements:
    Indoor Air Comfort GOLD: pass, EMICODE: EC1 Plus, BREEAM International (v.6 2021), LEED v4/v4.1 EQc 2: Low-Emitting Materials
Sikasil® SG-550 Sikasil® SG-550