Sikaflex®-254 + SikaBooster® P-50

By Booster accelerated elastic adhesive for vehicle-assembly bonding

Sikaflex®-254 + SikaBooster® P-50 is an accelerated elastic polyurethane adhesive especially designed for bonding large components. Timber, aluminum, sheet steel, primers, paints, ceramics and plastics are suitable substrates. The use of SikaBooster® P-50 provides rapid attainment of strength and early adhesion development. Owing to the use of SikaBooster® it cures largely independently of atmospheric conditions.  

  • Fast-curing by Booster Technology
  • Excellent adhesion build-up on various substrates
  • Ideal open-time / curing-speed ratio
  • Elastic, good gap-filling capabilities
  • Capable of withstanding high dynamic stresses
  • Solvent-free