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Sikaflex®-268 + SikaBooster® P-50

By Booster accelerated assembly and glazing adhesive and sealant for rail applications

Sikaflex®-268 + SikaBooster® P-50 is an accelerated adhesive system specifically designed for the rail industry. It is suitable for assembly bonding and glazing applications; its outstanding weathering resistivity and unique resistance to a wide variety of cleaning agents make it an ideal solution for use in exterior joints in the rail industry.
Sikaflex®-268 + SikaBooster® P-50 is compatible with Sika’s black-primerless bonding process. Owing to the use of SikaBooster® it cures largely independently of atmospheric conditions.  

  • Resistant to a wide variety of cleaning agents
  • Passes EN45545 R1/R7 HL3
  • Fast-curing by Booster Technology
  • Excellent weathering stability
  • Very good processing and tooling characteristics
  • Solvent-free
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