Sikasil® WS-300 EU

Silicone weatherproofing sealant, CE-marked

Sikasil® WS-300 EU is a durable, neutral-curing silicone sealant with an excellent adhesion to a wide range of substrates. It is particularly suited as a sealant for shop fronts, glass partition walls and other applications.  

  • Meets requirements of ISO 11600 F 25 LM & G 25 LM, EN 15651-1 F EXT-INT CC 25LM, EN 15651-2 G CC 25LM, ASTM C 920 for Type S, Grade NS, Class 25 (movement capability
    ± 25 %)
  • Provided with CE-mark according to EN 15651-1:2012, F EXT-INT CC 25LM, EN 15651-2:2012, G CC 25LM, certified by Control Body 1119
  • Outstanding UV and weathering resistance
  • Adheres well to glass, metals, coated / painted metals, plastics and wood